Financial Consultancy

ABNCO CORPORATE SERVICE LTD is leading financial consulting firm committed to overall growth and success of our clients.

Our range of service offerings include providing Financial Advisory, Corporate Finance, Trade Finance, IPO Advisory, Corporate Restructuring, Growth and Business strategy, and company valuation with emphasis on serving custom-tailored offerings and skill set, together with extensive transaction expertise and beneficial relationship.

Our objective is to help business to take smart decisions based on in-depth financial knowledge, understanding to provide wide array of service across diverse industry and experienced team.

Our experience team form diverse profession includes Ex- bankers, Charter Accountants, MBA’s, Company Secretary, Advocates and Execution specialist.

At ABNCO we believe in transparency, honesty pro activeness and our endeavors to cater client with individual attention helping them to achieve their goal in time.

We have worked in various sectors and helped corporate to raise funds with most suitable approach through various niche financial instruments resulting in substantial cost saving and smooth working across verticals of the company.

A. Corporate Finance

1. Working Capital Bank Limits

The Company uses its relationship network with all the banks and institutions to tie up working capital facilities for our clients. We specialize in arranging finance for our clients’ Working Capital needs by setting up facilities with various Banks and Institutions,both Fund Based limits like Cash Credits, Bill Discounting against the stocks and book debts and also Non-Fund Based limits like L/Cs and Bank Guarantees at very attractive rates of interest and most competitive terms. These limits can be arranged in the form of a Consortium arrangement and / or Multiple Banking arrangement.

2. Structured Financing

For us, each of our clients is unique and so is their financial requirement. Our products are nonstandardized and structured to meet the specific financial objectives of our clients. Our products and services are designed specifically for companies, banks, financial institutions and their clients. We have a dedicated team of professionals who leverage their expertise on specialized areas like collateral debt obligations, administration of special purpose vehicles involved i n securitizations, and likes.

3. Rupee Term Loans

We have been a dominant player in Term Loan Syndication for existing as well as new ventures. The term loans are structured in such a way so as to match the cash flows of the company and the debt servicing capacity of the project company. The Term Loans are syndicated through major Financial Institutions and Banks in India.

4. ECB / Foreign Currency Loans

We arrange foreign currency loans for companies. Borrowing sunder foreign currencyrouteare recommended only for those corporate who have a natural hedge through exports. Furthermore, the route of raising the fund through foreign currency borrowings is recommended by us only after conducting an in-depth analysis of the company vis-à-vis the conditions prevailing in the domestic as well as the international currency markets.


B. Project Finance

1. Financial Structuring

The company has considerable expertise in Project Finance. We advise our client’s right from the project conception stage followed by preparation of the project report and its techno commercial appraisal by accredited institutions with optimal financial structuring.

2. Project Report and Financial Feasibility Study

The feasibility study evaluates the project’s potential for success; we together with our team of finance specialist prepare extensive and detailed Project Report including Market Research, Financial Feasibility & Commissioning Assistance to evaluate the viability of business or projects. It helps our clients and lenders or investors to evaluate the risks and returns associated with the project. anks in India.

3. Raising Project Equity

Project equity is usually invested in a company restricted in its business to ownership of a project. This single purpose nature generally makes earnings relatively predictable. We specialize in raising project equity. We have significant experience in arranging and distributing a range of financing instruments in the Indian capital markets. We arrange subordinated, high yield, and private placement debt securities, as well as private equity issued by corporate and projects. The objective is to provide access to high quality, low risk returns investment opportunities

4. Raising Project loans

We arranges project loans for green field as well as expansion projects. The scope of work ranges from negotiations with the lending agencies to obtaining the final loan sanctions, document execution and disbursement.


C. Trade Finance

1. LC Bills Discounting

The company acts as a bill broker for facilitating discounting of bills of exchange accepted under Letters of Credit opened by reputed banks. We offer the finest rates at any point of time backed by excellent service.

2. Clean Bills Discounting

The company also acts as a bill broker for discounting Bills of Exchange accepted by good credit worthy Companies. Since these are unsecured transactions, our credit evaluation becomes very important for Investors. We act as market makers between investors and good creditworthy companies who wish to raise funds against bills of exchange.

3. Inter Corporate Deposits

We are one of the principal market makers in this over the counter market for Inter – Corporate Deposits. This is a large volume business and requires very quick response to move funds from companies with surplus to companies requiring funds. The period of deposit varies from purely on call up to 180 days. In this area, we cater to many Companies regularly and account for a large share of transacted volume of business in the market.


D. Mergers And Acquisitions

We provide a broad array of mergers and acquisitions advisory services to our clients, including advice on acquisitions, sales / divestitures, mergers and management buyouts. Our advice typically takes into account an analysis of the company and industry dynamics, market positioning, competition, financial performance, and specific legal, accounting, and regulatory issues. In all cases we maintain client confidentiality and ensure a smooth process for management.


E. Capital Raising

We help in raising capital for promising, high-growth companies that seek funding to support organic growth, acquisition strategies, or liquidity needs. Our team maintains professional relationships with well-known institutional investors and lenders, including private equity, venture capital funds, and strategic investors. Our longstanding relationships with the investors and lenders enable us to provide timely information regarding market conditions and investment criteria, while enhancing our ability to structure and close transactions. In all cases we maintain client confidentiality and ensure a smooth process for the management.

F. Private Equity

The team ABNCO having assisted a number of clients across sectors brings with them a deep understanding of the private equity product. Our ability to bring the right partners to the table and structure the most optimal transaction, has delivered immense value to our clients, both in the short-term as well as the longterm.

Our approach for completing a private equity transaction:-

-Understanding of the Business Model, both existing and proposed Structuring the business and the financial model

-Preparation of Information Memorandum

-Valuing the Company

-Identification of Potential Partners or Investors

-Negotiation with various private equity investors

-Signing of term sheet

-Assisting in the Due Diligence Process

-Closure of the Deal