Marine Contract

Name of Client: Gujrat Pipava Port Ltd.
Cost of Project: Rs. 4.42 Crores
Duration: 63 Days from March’13 to June’13
Location of Project: Gujrat Pipava Port Ltd. Dist.Amreli, Via-Rajula
Service Name: Maintenance Dredging in front of Berth No. 1, 2, 3, 4 & LPG Berth Pocket & Channel Area
Hired Vessel Name: Dumb Hopper Barge (D.B.ABNCO II)/ Crawler Crane & Crane Barge (D.B. ABNCO III)/ Motor Tug (M.T. ABNCO V)

Name of Client: Mercator Ltd.
Cost of Project: Rs.5,03,25,891/- (Excl.Tax)
Duration: 4th Dec 2018 to 8th May 2019
Location of Project: Chicalim Vasco-Da-Gama, Goa
Service Name: Maintenance Dredging at Approaches to IN Jetty and around IN Jetty, Chicalim, Goa, F.Y. 2018-19
Hired Vessel Name: Dumb Hopper Barge/Flat Pontoon with Crane/Self Propelled Barge (800 Cum)/Motor Tug -2 Nos/Self Propelled Barge (500 Cum)/Self Propelled Barge (585 Cum)/Spud Pontoon with Excavator/Steel Boat-2 Nos

Name of Client: Aman Dredge & Dive Pvt. Ltd.
Cost of Project: Rs. 3,41,02,500/-
Duration: 23.12.2017 to 22.02.2018
Location of Project: Karwar Port, Karnataka
Service Name:  Grab Dredging
Hired Vessel Name Dumb Hopper Barge (D.B. ABNCO II)/Crawler Crane & Crane Barge (D.B. ABNCO III)/Self Propelled Barge (M.V. ABNCO IV)/Motor Tug (M.T. ABNCO V)/Self Propelled Barge (M.V.ABNCO VI)/Spud Pontoon/Tug/Excavator

Name of Client: Afcons Infrastructures Ltd.
Cost of Project: Rs. 2,06,36,616/- (Inc Tax)
Duration: 12 Month Approx from 11.10.2016 to 28.11.2017
Location of Project: Mumbai JNPT Port Anchorge
Service Name: Terminal
Hired Vessel Name: Crawler Crane & Crane Barge (D.B. ABNCO III)

Name of Client: Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd.
Cost of Project: Rs. 40,32,318/- (Inc Tax)
Duration: 29.10.2016 to 09.06.2017
Location of Project: DGNP, Dry Dock, Mumbai
Service Name: Grab Dredging
Hired Vessel Name: Dumb Hopper Barge (D.B. ABNCO II)

Name of Client: DVP Infraprojects Pvt. Ltd.
Cost of Project: Rs. 59,42,903/- (Inc Tax)
Duration: 19.12.2016 to 08.06.2017
Location of Project: Mandva Port, Mumbai
Service Name: Grab Dredging
Hired Vessel Name: Spud Pontoon (D.B. ABNCO I)

Name of Client: DAEWOO-TPL JV
Work Order No: 85000017-A1
Cost of Project: Rs.10,400,000/- (Excl.Tax)
Duration: 8 Months
Location of Project: M.T.H.L (Mumbai Trans Harbour Link Project, Package II)
Service Name: Backho Dredger for all type of Dredging Work
Hired Vessel Name: Spud Barge (D.B.ABNCO I)

Name of Client: Welspun Maxsteel Ltd.
Cost of Project: Rs. 65,46,925/- (Inc Tax)
Duration: 28.02.2011 to 06.05.2011
Service Name: Dredging & Drilling Services

Name of Client: Sahara Dredging Ltd.
Cost of Project: Rs. 15,50,000/- (Inc Tax)
Location of Project: Vadkal Naka
Service Name: Maintenance Dredging
Hired Vessel Name:  Spud Pontoon (D.B.ABNCO I)

Name of Client: Leighten Welspun Corporatoion Ltd.
Cost of Project: Rs 54,88,895/- (Incl.Tax)
Duration: Approx 2 Months
Service Name: Dredging